DSV has enabled a functionality allowing to register claims on myDSV

DSV has now enabled a new functionality in the myDSV, that will allow you to register all claims directly via the portal. 
Claims registration via myDSV has several advantages, such as: 
•Registration via a standardised and pre-defined input form
•Reuse of the data already available in the system
•The possibility to check the status of a claim at any time during the claims handling process
•Less individual emails with the DSV operations relating to claims 

This will help minimize errors / mistakes in the communication and transmission of facts, simplify the processes and sets a clear standard for the registration.

Details about the new registration tool and process
Registration of claims via myDSV is a fast and simple way to send claims directly to DSV’s Claims Handlers. 

If the shipment is already in myDSV the easiest way to register a claim is directly from the shipment list. Once the actual shipment is found you need to push the icon with the three dots and choose “New claim”. By registering the claim directly from the shipment, a number of fields will be pre-populated in the registration form.

If the shipment is not available in myDSV you can register the claim by clicking claims on the left side menu, and you will be redirected to a claims list that will display all claims previously registered by you. Here you can find further information on the claims registered, and you can also file a new claim using the button “New claim”

After having registered your claim, the system will provide a unique claim number, which will be required for all future communication related to the claim. 

The information required to be entered into myDSV is necessary for the claims handling process, enabling our claims handling specialists to decide whether we approve or reject the claim. 

To ensure a smooth and swift claims handling process, please attach the following documents / information: 
•A copy of the commercial invoice
•Pictures of the damage to the goods, if available
•A copy of the PoD (Proof of Delivery, e.g. CMR)
•Claimed amount

For any questions, please feel free to contact your local DSV contact.
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